Release Film Liner

Key Features

  • Comprises of proprietary multilayer Polypropylene construction with one side Silicone coating.
  • Tailor-make for release liner application for ‘Peel & Stick’ water proofing underlayment/membrane.
  • Excellent Film Flatness with minimum Shrinkage at very high application temperature.
  • Low & Easy Release against Asphalt/Bitumen at elevated temperature.
  • Customized multilayer construction to resist Asphalt Oil permeability.
  • Available in Customer Specified color & shade – white, blue, dual-tone (black/grey)
  • Available in Customer Specified size & length.
Product Grade Thickness Applications / Features
Micron Mils
35PPGS1N-K08 35, 30, 25 1.5, 1.2, 1.0 Available in customer specified color, size and lengths.