Polyplex in USA

In 2006, PTL acquired a distribution company and renamed it as Polyplex (Americas), Inc (PA).

In view of the growing American market demand and the absence of new PET film capacity in the US, Polyplex decided to invest in USA. In 2011, Polyplex incorporated Polyplex USA LLC and has set up a green-field facility comprising of a thin PET film line and a PET resin plant in Decatur, Alabama. The Thin PET Film line has recently commenced operations in April 2013 and the Polyester Chips line has commenced operations in July, 2014. In July 2012, the Company expanded its metallized product range by acquiring the metallized assets of Vacumet Corporation, a fully owned subsidiary of Scholle Corporation.

Our manufacturing facility has a capacity of:

  • PET film - 31,000 tons per annum
  • Pet Resin - 57,600 tons per annum
  • Metallized film - 8,700 tons per annum

PA employs about 155 people in manufacturing, sales and corporate operations.